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Featured Magic 🪄 of the Week

Ninja Slices

Delicious gummy slices that provide a hallucinatory experience very similar to that of playing IRL Fruit Ninja.

5 each

Hard Hearts

Nonmagical Valentine-themed candy bites to gift your family, friends, and loved ones. Careful — they can be very hard!

1 each

Crunch Gummies

Chewy sound-amplifying gummies, a perfect choice to help scare off the next date your matchmaking grandma arranges for you.

2 each

Sugar Blocks

Fun for the whole family! Use these to build delicious, long-lasting towers at your next Valentine's Day party.

5 each

NEW! Exploding Cake Pops

A magical confectionary experience, with each bite revealing a surprise explosion of delightful flavors and popping sensations inside your mouth.

But beware! These whimsical treats have a quirky side — adding a dash of Turri Powder may turn an Exploding Cake Pop into a pyromaniac's delight. ;)

30 each

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Stealth Bon Bons

A sweet treat offering the gift of invisibility, with every bite making you disappear further from sight.

10 each

Movie Macaroons

Indulge in a private cinematic experience with these magical macaroons, each one projecting a full movie from its surface.

50 each

Coloring Gummies

Delicious gummies doubling as crayons, allowing you to nibble and doodle with each delightful bite.

10 each

Animated Cookie Dough

Raw cookie dough enchanted with Chai Katzar. Perfect for encouraging children's imaginations.

30 per ball

Dizzy Lollies

Experience the joy (horror?) of riding a roller coaster without ever stepping foot into an amusement park.

10 each

Fateful Crystals

Tasty crystals that produce a verbal, randomized response when chewed and swallowed. Ask it anything!

10 each